The details are not the details...They make the design.
— Charles Eames

Problem solving...

It's what we do.  And as architects, it's what we enjoy most. 

Remodeling is often the option many homeowners pursue in order to solve a problem -- a bathroom that's too small, a dysfunctional kitchen, or an underutilized backyard in need of a well appointed outdoor space.  As builder and architect, G&H takes an integrated approach which allows for better outcomes. 

almost home...

It’s a good way to describe the difference between your imagination and reality. It also works to describe the difference between your dream home and your real home.  While most people can have great ideas about what they want in a remodeled or new home they don’t always have the tools to translate them into reality.  At G&H Architect Builders, we know how to turn great ideas into great spaces.  We believe in design as more than just a way of  making something look good, but also as a way of creating value. That kind of thinking is what best describes our approach;

1  Design/Build is more than a tag line -   Generally, it’s used as part of a sales pitch to suggest value creation through design - the same way the word ‘custom‘ gets used.  At G&H it’s a project delivery system intended to improve the home building  process by better integrating design and construction.
2  Value Designing.  Some builders try to cut costs by a method called 'value engineering'. Often times that means eliminating extras to keep things within budget. We like to 'Value Design' our projects. That means that we rely on thoughtful design rather than a process of elimination to keep things within budget.
3   Who do ya love? and trust?   There’s a lot of ways to show you care but when you give someone the responsibility of designing and building your home you’re saying,“I trust you”. That’s not something we take lightly.  We work tirelessly to maintain that trust throughout each project.

Take your pleasure seriously.
— Charles Eames