We're architects and builders. 

Nik Radovanovic, RA - NCARB  |  Owner

I received my graduate degree in architecture from the School of Architecture and Design - University of South Florida in 1995. When given the opportunity, I will design or make just about anything. Sometimes it's architecture - sometimes it's furniture - other times it's sculpture or graphic art. I'm a native New Yorker living in SC with my very patient wife & two boys who aren't sure what they want to be when they grow up.

Angie Radovanovic, M Arch  |  Project Manager

My exposure to the building trades started at a young age watching my father - a boat builder from Greece - build and repair boats for a living. When he wasn't working on boats, he was working on houses - renovating old homes or building new ones - and since his background was in boat building, details were never overlooked.  I learned to appreciate the difference that details of a project could make. They can turn a good project into a great one. 
I have always enjoyed the creative arts.  I hold a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and Master of Architecture degree from the University of South Florida School of Architecture and Design.

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